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Inspiration dubai

(watercolors by Daniel Wegera / Book concept and French text by Erica Toebat)

Dubai, inspired and inspiring city...


"Every grain of sand is the guardian of a story" says an old Bedouin proverb.


Are the dunes of Dubai telling the extraordinary epic of this visionary city arisen from the desert?


The hot, spicy and captivating wind of 'Eternal arabia' blows over the Dubai skyscrapers.


Dubai Wegera captures its spirit through watercolors from which every grain of the paper describes a story... real or imaginated scenes but sublimated, stil, by the poetry of the wash.


• Book size: 29,7 cm x 23,5 cm
• 80 pages
• Bilingual French English (with some keywords in Arabic)
• Luxury finish with high quality paper and hard cover

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