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Dubai Art watercolors paintings Aquarelles
Dubai Art Watercolors Aquarelles Paintings

A passion for Orientalism

Born in Paris, I leaved during my early age in Algeria with my parents in a residence of Arabo-Mauresque style. During that period, I had already the taste for painting, impressed by the beauty of the Mediterranean landscaping that was also the source of inspiration for many well known 19th Century painters (Delacroix, Corot, and Chasseriau).

Because of this North African background, I had a special attraction for the Middle East traditions. I am an autodidact painter producing water color and oil paintings.

Living in Dubai since 1999, I have explored the harmonies of colors so characteristic in the Emirates and focused on the traditional architecture, trying to depict an Orient such as imagined by the thousand of European visitors, highlighting the typical sceneries that are vanishing slowly in the building frenzy of vertical modernity.
I have an eye on details and ability to portray realistic scenes. The composition is the result of studies developed until I got the best harmonies that correspond to my own interpretation. My work is base on imagination and use of hundred of pictures I have taken during walks in the UAE.

I have visited the Fare-east in the nineties and also produced paintings, which have been exhibited in Jakarta and Singapore.

Currently taking part in THE NEW ORIENTALISTS group

exhibition (click on pdf icon to view the  catalogue) :

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